AgriDataSpace Workshop

Co-designing collaborative business models for the Common European Agricultural Data Space

September 21, 2023

10.30-12.00 CET

Participate to the AgriDataSpace Workshop, on September 21, 2023, a transformative initiative aiming at shaping the future of European agriculture through collaborative business models for the Common European Agricultural Data Space.

As a key stakeholder in the agricultural sector, your expertise and insights are pivotal in driving this data-driven revolution.

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Advancing Agriculture Together:

Key Stakeholders for AgriDataSpace Workshop

Whether you identify with any of these categories or aspire to become a key player, this dynamic workshop is your gateway to co-designing collaborative business models for the Common European Agricultural Data Space. Embrace the opportunity to be a driving force in this transformative journey. 

Farmers and Agricultural Producers

Individual farmers, Cooperatives, Groups of farmers, Dairy farms, Cattle breeders, Growers, Producers organizations, Foresters

Technology and Data Providers

IoT sensor providers, Weather forecast services, Equipment manufacturers, Data hubs, Software companies, Technology providers, AI development companies, Satellite data providers, Drone data providers, Field sensor providers, GeoData providers

Data Intermediaries and Service Providers

Data intermediaries, Farm management system providers, Laboratory and analytics services, Solutions/service/product providers, Data integrators

Government and Regulatory Bodies

Government agencies, Policy-makers, Regional and local government bodies, Public sector organizations, Ministry of Agriculture, Governmental institutions, Legal experts, Statistics offices

Financial and Insurance Services

Insurance companies, Accounting firms

Research and Academic Institutions

Universities and research institutions, Research/technical institutes, Competence centers

Business and Industry Stakeholders

Traders, Retailers, Logistics providers, Input providers for farmers, FMIS suppliers and providers, Ag-Software providers, Machine manufacturers, Mandated advisors, Agricultural contractors Supply chain stakeholders, Manufacturers

Multi-actor Collaborations

Multi-actor project partners, Thematic networks, Inter-professional associations, Local Action Groups, Agricultural advisory boards

Reasons to participate!

Empower Your Influence

Your voice shapes Business Models tailored to your specific needs.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Embrace the digital revolution, gaining a competitive edge in a dynamic market.

Unlock Business Advantages

Customized models overcome barriers, driving your success.

Shape the Industry Landscape

Your insights will have a profound impact on the future of European agriculture.

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Session 1: Introduction of the AgriDataSpace Project
Session 2: From the Value Creation Network to the Data Ecosystem
Session 3: The Common European Agricultural Data Space concept
Session 4: Explaining the Business Model Radar: A tool for the Data Spaces Business Models
Session 5: The Business Model Perspective of the CEAD
Session 5: The Business Model Perspective of the CEAD
Wrap up and next steps on the co-design process

Join us in shaping the future of European agriculture.